Deutsch-Amerikanischer Herrenclub München e.V.
German American Men's Club Munich
Member of the Federation of German American Clubs e.V.
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You want to become a Member ?

If you

  • support the idea of furthering good relations between the United States of America and Germany, mainly by contributing to the German-American student and youth exchange and/or

  • wish to engage actively in activities relevant to this end and/or

  • just like to attend our social events ranging from weekly midday meetings, to joint visits to exhibitions, bus excursions, theatre visits and short trips

you may be interested in becoming a member of our Club.

How to become a Member                                 

We suggest you sound us out at one or several of our weekly midday meetings, our Stammtisch, before you commit yourself.  The Stammtisch is held every Thursday at 12 noon at the Munich Ratskeller, Room “Ludwig I”.  In this way you will be able to meet members and friends of our Club in an informal way.

If you then decide to join our Club, you will have to send your completed membership application form to our President who will  submit it to the Board of Directors for decision.  Concurrently you will have to pay the annual membership fee of Euro 70,00 to the Club account for the current year. (The membership fee will be returned to you if your membership is denied).

You will find companionship in an enlivening, genial atmosphere.

As a member you will receive our monthly program by email or regular mail.  Also, you will be automatically subscribed to the organ of the Federation of German-American Clubs, the “Gazette”.
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