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Wednesday, 14. March 2018

Notwithstanding the capricious weather, our spirits were high an our way to visit the Brown Coal Mining Museum in Hausham, a jewel in recording a period of 106 years when brown coal mining was in operation, starting in 1860 and ending with the closure of the mining pit in Hausham on March 31, 1966.

The so-called pitch coal, named on account of its sheen, was prevalent in the areas around Peißenberg, Hohenpeißenberg, Penzberg, Peiting, Hausham, Miesbach, Au near Bad Aibling and Marienstein.

The Hausham basin is about 15 km long and 2.5 km wide, containing altogether 27 seams, four of them workable. The thickness of the seams varies from .5 to 2.5 meters.

The Upper Bavarian pitch coal did not have the national relevance of, for example, the German black coal.  It was mainly sold in Southern Bavaria since it was not profitable to transport this sort of coal over long distances, due to its relatively low heating value and a relatively costly mining input. Distribution areas of the mines in Hausham, Penzberg and Marienstein were the eastern part of Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and Ingolstadt. The coal from the Peißenberg basin, Peißenberg, Hohenpeißenberg and Peiting was sold in the western part of Upper Bavaria and in the Swabian district of Bavaria. Munich was supplied from both areas. The crucial factor for closing the mines was the lack of competitiveness of this type of coal opposite heating oil.

The director of the museum, Dr. Grützner, his wife and an assistant, in a competent and committed way, showed us the treasures of the museum and made us familiar with erstwhile Upper Bavarian brown coal mining. Dr. Grützner and his many helpers must be lauded for having established the museum for posterity, voluntarily as a work of merit.

The tour having ended, the sun was prevailing in the meantime and we proceeded to fortify ourselves with an extended lunch at the Schliersee lake. We rounded up our excursion by stopping at the Café Winkelstüberl in Fischbachau, which is known for its confectionaries far beyond Bavaria.

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