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Exchange-Students from USA 2017 /2018
From left front: John Grant Fentum, Rachel Dodson, Alexandra Challenger
From right front: Barbara Standl, Sabine Manson, Prof. Eberhard Standl

Exchange Students at the Silvertea, 2017, November 15
From left: Prof. Eberhard Standl, Barbara Standl, Alexandra Challenger, Rachel Dodson John
und John Grant Fentum

Exchange Students from USA, WS und SS 2017 / 2018

Alexandra Challenger from Florida, studying art history as PhD Student at the LMU Munich
Rachel Dodson from Alabama, studying Germanistics at the Uni Augsburg
John Grant Fentum from Arizona, studying Germanistics and Computer sciences at the LMU Munich

Exchange Students from Munich in USA

Franziska Beltinger, TUM, studying Chemistry at the Georgia Tech in Atlanta
Andreas Garhammer, TUM, studying aerospace technology at the University of Delaware, Newark Delaware
Maximilian Müller-Bardorff, München studying European Business at der Clarkson University chenectady, New York

Application for German Students

The Student Exchange Program of the Federation of the German-American Cubs was founded in 1957. The Federation is committed to care for friendly connections with the United States of America. Apart from maintaining personal contacts, the need to establish an institution for intensifying German-American friendship was felt very early in the Club’s history.

It is with this background that from a modest beginning the exchange program grew under the banner of “A Bridge Across The Ocean” to become the single largest private student exchange program in Germany. So far, close to 2500 German and American students have participated in this program. Every year, 30 German students and about 24 American students can be sponsored. Over the years, agreements were signed with 18 partner universities in the USA regulating the student exchange program on a reciprocal basis.

Financial Concept (bilateral system)

The German students receive a stipend from the partner universities, comprising of a tuition waiver (which is substantial) and a  small contribution towards their sustenance expenses. The American students proposed by the American partner universities receive a stipend of EURO 500,- per month for a study year of 10 months and a waiver of fees in exchange, as and when applicable. In addition they will hold a free train ticket (Bahncard). This money is sponsored by the Clubs being members of the Federation.

Some of the German States grant full or part stipends (at present two full and four part stipends). The Foreign Ministry grants subsidies for participation in seminars.

The complete engagement in the Federation and in the Clubs is on honorary basis only.

Working System and Application Procedure

The Finance Concept as well as the Working System of the Program is bilateral.

From the German side only Member Clubs of the Federation are authorized to suggest candidates. Interested students apply with the “Local Chairperson” of the respective Club, where they will receive application papers and their questions will be answered. After a personal interview the Chairperson will forward the nominations along with a personal assessment to the Student’s Exchange Committee of the Federation where the final selection will be decided. Suitable placements will be selected for the accepted students with the partner universities and the admission formalities will be started. The final decision regarding admission and grant of stipend rests with the American university.

The American students are being selected by the Program Custodians of the Partner Universities and then presented to the Student Exchange Committee from where the German Guest University is selected taking suitability and faculty into consideration. The students can register with 22 universities; they are being looked after by the respective Clubs of the Federation.

Preconditions for the Application of German Students

Students (male/female) must not exceed 25 years of age and must not be married

Permanent German residence

German Abitur

Must have heard 2 semesters at a German university at the time of application, i.e. 4 semesters at the start of their stipend

Good academic performance

For admission to “graduate studies”, according to the earlier regulations, the “Vordiplom/Vorpruefung” is essential plus 2 semesters main studies. There are new regulations for a Bachelor qualification which are not uniform yet.

Good knowledge of English, supported by a TOEFL test certificate or a GMAT or GRE-certificate

No applications for medicine, dental medicine and animal medicine (veterinary) will be entertained in view of the substantially different course systems

Applications must reach the Student Exchange Committee within the first of August, one year prior to the commencement of the stipend

There may be individually deviating due dates for applications which should be enquired from the local Clubs.

The duration of the year of exchange starts in August/September and ends in May/June the subsequent year.


The Federation negotiates stipends of our 20 Partner-Universities for German students in the USA. The stipend is being provided by the American University and includes elimination of the very high University Fees.

The amount of such stipend is equivalent to, depending on the University, up to 30.000 US$. The College/University may, in addition, give a sustenance allowance that may even cover free food and shelter.

You may assume that living expenses in the USA are higher than in Germany, especially cost for accommodation.

For Graduate Students, along with the stipend, a paid job as Assistant may be combined. Cooperation in the German Department or the German/International House or Club is expected.

Travel expenses have to be borne personally. There is a chance, however, to apply for a Travel Stipend with the Academic Foreign Office (latest by January) from the Fulbright Commission.

A non-refundable application fee of EURO 100,- is levied. After acceptance of an offered seat in an American University a deposit of EURO 300,- is to be paid, which is refunded after the return to Germany.

Caring and Seminars

Taking personal care is an important element of the Program of the Federation on the German and the American side.

The “Local Chairpersons” as representatives of the local Clubs on the German side take most of the load. They assist the American students in many ways, such as the reception in Germany, assist in finding a place to stay, helping out w.r. to formalities with the local authorities, recommending language courses or students’ consultancy and many more including a full year personal care program. The Exchange Students are most welcome guests at Club Meetings.

The German students enjoy the advantages of our network. They will come into contact with their predecessors at their future University prior to their departure to the USA, gaining important information and help.

During the month of June prior to their departure they meet the American Exchange Students at an Orientation Seminar in person, thereby establishing connections that are important for the coming year.
German Students, on the other hand, are required to be of support to the American Students, mainly at the University, during their year of application and after their return.

Five seminars annually for the American Students as well for the Applicants and the Returnees are meant to serve improvements of contacts, to learn about political and cultural subjects, to get acquainted with land and people and to further the spirit of the Federation.

In this connection, the Club of the Returnees (DAAD) plays an important role. The Members are engaged in the seminars and they support the goals of the Federation in many ways.

What does the Federation expect from the German Exchange Students?

Personal engagement and behaviour in line with the goals of the Federation as “Ambassadors of the German-American Friendship”Adapt to the given circumstances within the Guest-University and beyond

To absolve the required minimum of hours

Two reports for the Federation’s Magazine GAZETTE

To participate in two Orientation Seminars

If possible, participate in the German-American Exchange Students Club (DAAD) after return.

Our Stipend Program should be seen primarily not as a measure of supporting career development, but rather as a means to develop future academics as torch bearers of the German-American understanding following the approach “Understand each other by knowing each other”. Our Exchange Program is not primarily intended to make students look after the satisfaction of their own needs as their first priority but to make the participating students important citizens for a wider scope of socio-economic tasks.

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